Since its launch in 2019, AIRBAR, a brand of Goldreams, has become the world's top- selling e-cigarette brand and has won the support and the trust of global e-cigarette users with its outstanding quality and user experience thanks to the continuous self-transcendence and innovation.


However, a recent market surveys has revealed that many criminals are illegally peddling fake AIRBAR, products of inferior quality, which will seriously mislead and deceive the consumers, infringe on the interests of users and damage AIRBAR,’s reputation. In this regard, Goldreams has cooperated with the police and experienced consulting agencies by launching anti-counterfeiting and the rights protection campaign. Goldreams also effectively carry out civil litigation, rights protection follow-up and other related legal affairs, which demonstrates the “zero tolerance” attitude of Goldreams towards counterfeit and shoddy products.

On December 22, 2020, Goldreams and Shenzhen Police Station cracked a counterfeit den that sold counterfeit AIRBAR products. A large number of low-quality packaging, e-liquid, batteries and other raw materials and assembled products were seized on the spot. Nearly 10,000 counterfeit AIRBAR products were seized at the scene, the total value is still under further investigation and verification.

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The suspects Tao, Li and Zhang have been in criminal detention. As the case is still under processing and investigation, the suspects will be sentenced to heavy legal sanction.

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This specific anti-counterfeiting campaign successfully destroyed the production and supply chain of counterfeit factories, effectively prevented a brunch of counterfeit and shoddy products from flowing into the market. We hereby remind consumers be sure to purchase genuine products with anti-counterfeit stickers through official channels authorized by Goldreams.

At the same time, Goldreams also call on all colleagues of e-cig industry to boycott counterfeit goods, resolutely defend corporate patents, and establish a genuine atmosphere in the market.


We hereby formally issue a severe warning to those counterfeit gang who are currently illegally peddling Goldreams products without the official authorization of Goldreams: Immediately stop the illegal production and business activities of all Goldreams products, otherwise Goldreams will reserve the right to investigate the legal liabilities according to law, and carry out the corresponding legal responsibilities for the harmful effects of illegal sales.



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